Saturday, August 18, 2012


I love challenges and get excited with it.  Quilling is one of my favourite craft. I have done many quilling projects but never quilled a letter or text. Pritesh's first-blogoversarychallenge sounds to me as an oppurtunity. For people who don't know about pritesh, have a look at her work in

I know, I have to prepare for my Masters exam too. But that didn't stop me from this challenge.

It was month of August, My dear friends spoke to me after long time for casual updates and to have a fun filled meeting. I decided to quill "Friends" to celebrate friendship day.  Initially, I hand drew the letters. Got the layout from net. Used VIBGYOR/RAINBOW colors to provide shade to FRIENDS. Here is the work. As this is my first quillography, I am satisfied and took 10 hrs (daily 1 hr for 10 days) to complete.

I haven't studied anything from August 1st :-( Now it's high time to get back to studies..


  1. Wow Tanu! What a terrific project :) I love those flowers you made using the comb :) Good Luck for the challenge and thank you SO MUCH for participating :)

  2. Thank you Pritesh. I am just humming, that you loved it. Thanks for being my inspiration :-)

  3. WOW love the funky style cheerful and gorgeous
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    Cheers from Bangalore, India

  4. This is such a beautiful project~and for a first time its amazing~ Congrats..and I also looove the flowers.I never managed to do them.I just can.t heheh.


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  6. Hi Tanu! Dropped in your blog from Sunehra's blog. This quillography project is really awesome. I am aware of the LONNGG time it takes to complete a single quillography project...but the results are so stunning!
    A Frugal Crafter