Monday, August 20, 2012

Floor Decoration

After my marriage, my new amma ;-) assigned me a new work of decorating the floor for Varamahalakshmi Festival. I was happy to accept it. For year 2012 tried the beads decoration. Used optical projector sheets to get the desired transparency. Hand cut them into the shape. Used half dome beads for better stickiness and used feviquick adhesive. Each leaflet is made from a single sheet. They have the flexibility to arrange the leafs like the way we want. 

Moreover, can be reused safely for next occasion.

Beads Decoration

Saturday, August 18, 2012


I love challenges and get excited with it.  Quilling is one of my favourite craft. I have done many quilling projects but never quilled a letter or text. Pritesh's first-blogoversarychallenge sounds to me as an oppurtunity. For people who don't know about pritesh, have a look at her work in

I know, I have to prepare for my Masters exam too. But that didn't stop me from this challenge.

It was month of August, My dear friends spoke to me after long time for casual updates and to have a fun filled meeting. I decided to quill "Friends" to celebrate friendship day.  Initially, I hand drew the letters. Got the layout from net. Used VIBGYOR/RAINBOW colors to provide shade to FRIENDS. Here is the work. As this is my first quillography, I am satisfied and took 10 hrs (daily 1 hr for 10 days) to complete.

I haven't studied anything from August 1st :-( Now it's high time to get back to studies..

Valentines day card

I had a thought. I should make special gift to my husband. But my masters exams kept me busy. Hence this small and simple card on valentines day 2012. Finished within 30 mins :-)

Teddy Bears sailing in love

Embroidery on Kurtis

I love embroidery. Learned it from my mother. She used to keep me busy during summer holidays with many hands-on works.

Hand embroidered Kurtis for My husband and brothers. Used simple chain stitch and cross stitch
Kurtis with chain stitch

Friday, August 17, 2012

With advertisement papers.

Love to do recycling. I got the idea for turkey from net. And did the ditto. (Once I get the link will post)

This is made of ad-papers that come along with newspaper. The neighbor girl wanted to have a card made of recycling. So this card came out. Created in Nov 2011.


Finally entering to the art and craft blog world. Decided to post my all time favorite - Black Ink sketching as first post. These characters usually appears in kannada magazines. I learned a lot from the magazines like kasturi, taranga, sudha & Koravanji.

These were created in 2008 to beat boredom ;-)


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